Facebook Account Kit - Web Integration

You all may know now a days most of the apps are using Facebook account kit as the sign-up and login.

My question is that can we use it in Kodular ?

If not directly even by using the webview and the web integration of it


To login ?

you want to tell us what?

I just want to ask you that can we integrate that in kodular.

I believe kodular have bettter things to do, ask aa exttension deeloper if he mmake this for you for 10 ,20 dollar so.

Sorry to say you didn’t get my point.

And no where mentioned to kodular or its staff to do it… I just asked that can I do that with webview and webview strings. !

ohh ok, you should look if there is a html code or a java code which you can implement in a html file and let it work in web viewer.
How you can work with a htlm file with java, taifun has on his page a tuturial for that.
Otherwise i see no possibility to use that.
MMaybe there is another way but i dont know it.

If you want a extension where people can log in with facebook than you hae to loof for facebook extension.