Facebook ad Account Disapproved

please help me solve this error

May I ask why the Makeroid Companion is Live? And the link where it is live at, the reason the Ad is not approved for it, is because, it’s someone elses idea and a copy that you may have modified.

I’m don’t know how it’s appear Makeroid Live. Their is any solution to delete that?

Ads shows perfectly.

Are you asking why the Makeroid Companion is showing up there, or why the Ad has been blocked for approval in your app? If so I already explained that.

No. I created own. Not copy from anywhere. Do you know how to delete that???

Have you really called your app makeroid companion?!

I actually think it’s the real companion.

What is real companion??

See screenshot ads shows Top…it’s from Facebook.

But Facebook Monitization it’s disapproved

Ok the Makeroid Companion is on your account for some reason, however you’ve just requested the Ads so give Facebook time to look at the request.

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