Facebook ad not showing

I tried to show fb ad but banner ad is not showing on my app.
how to intigrate sdk to kodular?

and also im not able to get code for interstitial ad.what is the reason?

Just click on copy id if you are talking about placement id i think

i did copy and paste placement id but still banner id is not showing. do i need to copy sdk and paste it to kodular also?

you publish you app on play store?

s.already published

if u recently publish your app on store. Then wait atleast 12-24 hour .

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my app is in playstore since 1.5 years

what is idle on that pic?im not able to get code for interstitial ad.why?

Add your IDs in app and upload to play store then wait 2-3 hours, you ad will start showing. :relaxed:

cant i see ads in test mode?

Yes, you can see​:relaxed:

  1. Go to the business overview page in Monetization Manager.
  2. Make sure you are logged in as the admin of your Business Manager.
  3. Hover over the home icon in the left-hand navigation, and go down to IntegrationTesting
  4. Click on the Test Devices tab,and in the Enable testing for your devices section, make sure that Testing enabled is enabled and the Use real advertiser content checkbox is checked.


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