Facebook ads for european users?

my question is, if i could integrate facebook ads for european users, because i dont know how to integrate a consent message, for users to decide if they want personalized ads or not like in the admob components. Or is it maybe not necessary for facebook ads? For now i updated my app release with facebook ads, only for my non european users. Hope you can Help. Thanks a lot!

Hi, is there a solution in the meanwhile? :slight_smile:

I think every user should have the chance to decide about personalized ads and this not only in Europe…

That depends on your countries’ laws.

i have now made it so that only users from non-european countries get the facebook ads displayed, because i am a little unsure. Under Device Utilities I use the country code block to check this. Hope this helps you. Many greetings

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thanks for your advice!
I think it’s very complicated for European users, because many of the ad networks don’t support it (in Kodular).

My problem is, that I only want to use Rewarded Videos in my app and no Banners or Interstials…
Rewarded Videos are only offered by Google Admob and Facebook Audience Network.

But the only thing, which I heard about Google Admob, is limits…

Has anybody of you made experience with these limits in combination with Rewarded Videos?