Facebook Ads (Format)

Hello , Kodular Staff
I came with something new that’s Facebook Medium Rectangular Ads(A 300 x 250 pixel banner ad best suited for scrollable feeds or end-of-level screens.). I Need Them Becasuse They Offer more CPM then Banner.

And They Are Best Suited In scrollable feeds or end-of-level screens . Ans Since i will working on a apps thats has scrollable feed i want this type of ads format to be implemented in kodular.
Hope, You All Will Hear My plea And Kindly Implement This Type of Ads Format .


:- Kodular User

Can we have this size for admob too?

Nope I think this is just available in facebook audience network.

I have seen bigger size than banner but im not sure about what size it is

No Bro Admob Doesn’t Have Medium Rectangle It has Full Screen Intertitial Adsand video ads other than banner ads. You Might Have Seen Ads From Other Sources Like Facebook, Applovin Etc

Yes That Is Propelled Ads . Its is A Ads Source Like Admob, Facebook Audience Network

Im saying about the ad size, not the ad.

its admob ad

Bro Its Out Of My Knowledge