Facebook ads not working

Hello. I have the paid version. But Facebook ads are not working across apps. Is it possible to help?

At this time kodular doesn’t support Facebook bidding

If you are a premium user then purchase extension which Support Facebook bidding then implement ads in apps then it’s work.

Why do I have to pay to subscribe if I’m going to buy ads from other sources ?

Welcome to Capitalism my friend!

Kodular’s job is to let you have access to other Ad extensions on their platform for a recurring fee, now it’s upto you to chose the Ad network of your choice & pay the extension developers for their work.

Well, I know this sucks but you are not alone in this community who feels that way, We all do in same way or the other.

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You don’t have to pay at all. You are free to use any builder you choose and there may be others that can do what you need for free.