Facebook Ads Not Working

i placed one banner and one interstitial ad in app, when i uploaded on playstore then tried ads not showing even i also try with my facebook test device but ads not showing. kodular ads showing but no facebook ads.


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ask facebook about this issue, why they are not giving ads to you

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But sir in my older app version ads working, I recently make new update and then ads not showing


You must contact Facebook team for support in my app ads working well


I already sent email but they didn’t replied yet

Than wait for their response.


they take up to 3 4 business days sometimes a little more time, because only they can tell about this problem

It seems you are making an earning app. Those will not be accepted by Kodular and you could loose your developer account.

Make something that has more quality and maybe your ads will come back. Even Facebook expects some quality in apps.


No sir it’s not earning app

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They said they can’t help with thrid party sdk

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What kind of app is it?

Post a link to it please.

sir today i recived this message , its normal?
" Your Android app is receiving Audience Network traffic and we are checking its quality as part of an assessment period. "

To be honest I’m not sure what your app does. But a warning on your Google Play page states that it’s unstable.

I uploaded in beta testing so that why showing that notice

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Your traffic is not enough, so they are assesing your app. As soon as your app reaches sufficient people, then facebook will provide ads. In the meantime, check test ads.
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