Facebook Ads

Are Facebook Ads working?

:white_check_mark: Yes, they are working :+1:

But they are not working in my app!

Use this block in order to debug the problem:


The error variable will return you the problem in the ads

Common error responses:

  • No fill: This is returned by the error when there are no available ads to show for the user
    This does NOT mean a missconfiguration or an error in the component; this means that Facebook doesn’t have any ad to show to THE USER. This happens because Facebook Ads work as a auction bid. So, if Facebook can’t show ads if they doesn’t find a suitable ad for user, because else ad publishers will be paying them for an ad service that they doesn’t want as it publishers won’t get any result
    :white_check_mark: There’s no “real” solution for this. You can just add alternative ad networks in case this happens and attempt to show the ad using other ad network (such us AdMob )