Facebook Audience network fill rate is very low

I want you all to look at this first.

Why Facebook Audience Network fill rate is so low.

It’s like 30 to 45%
Ridiculous, I would have got 30$ but I only got 13$,

With this earning, I would not able to pay even kodular bill.

If anyone facing same probleam, explain your openion

same here

because you are using old facebook sdk

You must be happy because some people didn’t get $ 0.1 also. And don’t use Facebook ads use unity ads which is good option right now !

Edit: 14/03/2021 to 15/03/2021 Facebook data is improper and you can check in your dashboard

unity ads are good for gamming app… in full month i earn only 10 usd… from unity ads…

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I am also facing this problem… :pensive:
Any have a solutions…?

there’s a seperate thread for this issue. it’s because, kodular team need to update the SDK for audience network, hopefully which is scheduled to be released in the next Kodular update and seems they are working hard on this. If you have read the notifications and mails from the audience network, you may understand the issue.

Have you gayes used Enhance Extension or Admob Mediation for Facebook Audience Network

Is there anything with kodular.

Has any one have used audiance network in non kodular app

Man your eCPM is also too low.

Are you only using banner or any other formate.

And also are you using Enhance or Admob Mediation or any other Mediation

In my app Unity eCPM is very low 0.02 to 0.50 for both banner and intestinal and also its fill rate is pretty low.

Can you share some screenshots of your earning.

Thanks in advance

Are you using Enhance Extension or any other extension or Admob Mediation.

Please Replay

no i m not using

so when will we get new sdk