Facebook rewarded video ads possible?

Can we use rewarded video ads of Facebook in Kodular?

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I don’t think so because there is no build in block for that and I did not find any extension.

and by using enhance ?

Why don’t you try it?
Let me know if it works… :grinning:

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Ya, I already tried it but it didn’t work. That’s why I am asking. Maybe I did something wrong

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After searching every where and after getting no response (expect you) on my post I found that first we have to apply for Facebook rewarded ads eligibility by email. Only after approval we can use their rewarded ad system (which is very sad)

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Hmm, I don’t have any idea about this because I do only use AdMob ads. I never tried any other.
I asked about this at Enhance and they said it is possible and gave me a YT video Tutorial link.


As you can see, he did not say any word about applying for Facebook rewarded ads eligibility by email.

Try Watching This Video

I also asked them and they said that we need to get approved for that first

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that’s strange…