Facing bug in Webviewer

Describe Issue

I am facing issues with webviewr component … When using
#Load html block
then application force closed automatically everytime when luanch or Relaunch the applicaion…

Android version

VERSION Android 10

share your blocks

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Simple blocks… @Still-learning
Just check in your side

certainly this will work… from ny side either kodular creator or mit community totaly not working. may be issue with service providers

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@Still-learning i m not new… U can check my posts…
But now i m facing many problems like
When creating new project then app not compiling and
#webviewr and also checked
Custom webview extension but not working

1 problem solve by changing browser from firefox to chrome but
#Load html block is still not working whenever put this block then app start crashes…

That’s not the block you say has an error. Please post the blocks that produce the error and the parameter you put in it.

Maybe you didn’t configure CustomWebView correctly.

load html does not work for a long time. There are quite a few threads about this.

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I am facing unknown bugs/errors like compiler error, webviewr error, kodular compain error
when using mozila firefox and now i am using chrome
And custom webviewr working perfectly but but but there is a limit of 5 extensions max and
Kodular consider as a 3 extensions

There is a special version too.
com.sunny.CustomWebView-v12beta - Copy.aix (72.3 KB)

com.sunny.CustomWebView.aix (68.3 KB)


You can pm me or open a new thread regarding the issue. Most probably it’ll be due to using older version.

Extension import failed

Remove old version and then try importing new version.