Facing Error "duplicate declaration of ‘Screen2’" after copy screen

how did you copy the screen? manually? probably you made an error while copying?

Nope…i copy screen directly from kodular

Do you have the duplicate Initialize event?

Otherwise, the block editor marks you an error?

this is a strange error… how can someone declare a screen twice?
probably a bug? you might want to provide your aia file, so someone can take a look…



Tnx for suppor. But i create this app again​:weary:

But why don’t you let the community know what went wrong. We all want to learn …

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That was an unusuall bug.you can cheak this aia​:point_down: @Boban that the aia you asked me Custom_ListView_Demo.aia - Google Drive

I have same problem.I think this is a bug

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Don’t know how you did when copying the screen but you had a Vertical Arrangement named as Screen2 on Screen2 and thereby error, renamed it to something else and it works now

Custom_ListView_Demo1.aia (1.8 MB)

A thought though, you named your Arrangement to Screen2 on Screen1, copied Screen1 to Screen2 and you got the end result with two identical names

You should start introducing this naming to your components


Why you did this solution now.i already delete this project & again make this from beginning. Btw tnx


I could have given you the solution then, if you posted the aia at that time but since you added your aia 21 days later and I was curious what was wrong with it


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