Facing error while converting into apk

Friends, i developed an app but while try to extract as apk i found error.

Experienced people may found it immediatly but i am new to the development so i am unable to spot it out. Created app, developed firebase realtime database, linked app, and authorization enabled for email and pwd.

Screenshot_10 Screenshot_11

Hello @Jai_sankar_E,
Do you have the google-services.json You got from your firebase console, in your assets , with the same name as in the firebase console ( google-services.json ) , if yes, then Yiu might want to try this :

P.S: this question has been asked many times in the community before, please search the community next time :wink:


Just now only found, some extra charecters added in json file name. Now i extracted the app.
Thank you…

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