Facing the Firebase Issue

I cant export the apk because of the issue with firebase file…

The Error:
Kodular is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was
________Preparing application icon
________Creating animation xml
________Creating fragment xml
________Creating listview xml in res/layout/…
________Creating listview xml in res/layout-v21/…
________Creating xml in res/drawable/…
________Creating splash png in res/drawable/…
________Creating colors xml
________Creating styles xml
________Creating drawables xml v21
________Checking for firebase
________________Firebase components found.
________________Firebase config file error.

The Json:
google-services.txt (1.4 KB)

Yes I tried the methods provided on this community but none worked for me.
Can anyone help

You uploaded this file as .json or .txt???

Your file must be google-services.json in asset

Yeah I uploaded .json on the app, I just created a .txt copy to upload here…

Make sure you have set your package name to com.one.onepaper.