Failed to allocate (OOM Issue)

1st of all i searched OOM issue in community but not able to solve the issue hence i have raised this, Below is the error photo. I have Reduced Image sizes and also in blocks has been mentioned in every screen to close before opening new screen…

As of know i tried in 4 Mobile in that 1 Getting below issue ( have cleared all running Apps and restarted too). This appear appears while playing Video player from mobile stoarge (approx 4 to 8 MB file)


Perhaps the mobile you are getting the problem with is not powerful enough.

But all other apps are working fine and its Android 11 New mobile with High Spec

In that case we need to see the relevant blocks etc otherwise we can only guess.

Try to make your blocks work in sync instead of making everything run simultaneously

Just i checked and got to know that for 4GB RAM mobiles i am facing this issue, while uploading video encode / decode if the file size is more then 25MB.

Can anyone pls suggest how to reduce or compress video size. Pls help i have stucked here