Failed Web Post Text after Barcode Scan

Hi All,

I found something weird. I’ve never realize this until now.
I’ve tried into small project.

  1. Text Input ( Text_Box1)
  2. Scan barcode and the result put into Text_Box1
  3. Post Text into web ( Web1 )
  4. Web1 Result into Label1.

Here’s my block code :

and Here’s my php api :

I’ve test this api with postman and working fine.

Scenario 1 ( Without Scan )
It’s working nicely when I put text manually, without scan

Scenario 2 ( With Barcode Scan )
It’s sending empty post parameter…

This weird happened only when Barcode Scan trigger.

anybody know how to fix this ?
Thank you

I’ve found the problem…
My mistaken…
I put carriage return on my barcode by mistake…

Sorry… forget this question.

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