False requested permission

Hello, i’m building a Quiz game and i have a problem with a false requested permission about "READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"

Let me show you what i have if we can find what causing this error.

The extension is used on screen2. The “permission requesting” takes place on screen1.

Thank you in advance for your time! :heart:

All android apps requests required permission(s) on screen1 activity start. Though, there are exceptions based on what kind of permission(s) your app requesting for. Hope, you got it.

Edit, no it wasn’t


But this one does that


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Why should this one need READ permission?

So remove READ_/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission from the Manifest and add this block to get rid of the error message (error 908: …)


If you want to get something like this:

you do not need any permission (as you will see at Label3).

The block @Boban suggested is what causing to ask for permissions but it’s strange! Of course i removed that and edit my code to not use that component.

@bodymindpower i don’t want to mess with Manifest cause it’s not Android studio here and i have to decompile the apk.

If you don’t really need the Package_Utilities component, the easiest way is of course to remove it.
But editing the Manifest is not a big deal either (< 1 min).

With that component you are able to read out other apps information and by doing that you need Read

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