FAQ Section Through airtable

I wanted to add query System, Where user can add his question and any other user can answer his question through airtable.

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create a table with two columns. One for question and another for answer…

when user open call all the questions from col 1 and show it in app. If user responds to any question try to save in such row… simple


Unable to understand
Can you Say me Deeply PLZ?

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But User only Asks the Query…

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Ok. No issue … If user click Ask query button then enable one text box

And on click submit query then post it in airtable sheet question column


Then What ABout Answer, If a user wanted to give answer

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Thats why i said… When user clicks on FAQ, get question colum, under every question show text box. On click submit post the values straight away in AT

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But what if 10 users wanted to answer it

It Should be like this

Then you must create a logical sequence before you must be clear that. How many questiins you want that to be answered by users? How many users reoly you want to show it in app? If same questions answered multiple times by user what shoikd happen? Etc etc then only we can define the blocks else after setting up block you will be in situation to recreate

Can you help me to do that?

Thats not big issue. Create two column one for question and another for answer

When user post question post into question column. When user response to particular question then post the answer nxt to question col.

If another user also response then get answer cell value then join this answer using special word and post it into the same cell

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okk can you help me to add blocks

We have to call user name also

i have a Question @Still-learning

What wrongi had done?

BOth Question are coming in 1 Card view

Anyways SOlved it Made Like This

Can i use my website URL for this?

@Still-learning Can you say logic of answers?