Faster - How Fast Are You?

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Faster - How Fast Are You?

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Faster is an immersive mobile game built on simple logic. The game can be played single player or online. There is a profile and leaderboard system.

On the game screen, you’ll see a colored label, a high score label, three buttons, and a timer. The colored label is your current color and you must click on a button in a color other than this color within two seconds. When you click correctly, the color changes and the timer restarts.
After 30 points, the color and text of the colored label start to change and you become very confused. Every 50 points you gain a power-up that can help you.
You can earn new color themes by completing the tasks given to you in the game.


*Effects of themes on the interface. On the left is the normal theme. On the right is the flame theme. Also, button fonts have been updated to Poppins.

*Some examples of game screens. Complete tasks to unlock themes.

App Store/Download link:

Download Faster English(1.3): Faster.apk (6.6 MB)
Download Faster Turkish(1.3): Faster_tr.apk (6.6 MB)

NOTE: Internet-related errors may occur on the multiplayer game screen. You must have high internet connection during the online match. If you get an error, you can let me know.

NOTE: In case of some device mismatches, please let me know along with the device model.

NOTE: AIA File is not for sale. The application is currently in the closed testing phase of the Google Play Store. I hope i will publish it soon.

NOTE: If you have any suggestions, complaints, feedback or any ideas about the game, you can contact me.


1.3 Minor Update


  • Timeout to the matching sceen.
  • New package name for two diffirent apps.


  • Autoupdate settings.
  • Matching algorithm.


  • Bugs at translation.

Major change: Accounts remaining from version 1.2 are now invalid due to the package change.