Favorite Buttom Problem Airtable photo list

I want to make favorite button using airtable.
I tried a lot and couldn’t find where I went wrong
I just started practicing :grin:

Thanks for your help in advance :pray: :pray: :pray:

Photo view page

Favorite Page

But actually what did you get? pls mention it… show some screenshot… we do not know what happend in app…

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deneme (2).aia (5.9 MB)

why 5.9MB size???

Its ok, i reduced it


  1. you have not saved the clicked item properly into tinydb

  2. you have not called properly the list in fav page

test this

deneme_1GSR.aia (975.7 KB)

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my first application, i want to make a quality product
thank you so much :grin:

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When i click on fav page photo,Shows first photo on preview page.
It doesn’t go to the photo I clicked.


Check in prev screen, i hope i set it to open from position 1…


Instead of 1 pls use

select list item list (get start value) index 2

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as you said it was position 1

If there are 4 photos on the fav page, when I click on the 3rd photo, it selects the 3rd photo in the list.

Login problem from homepage is solved, but there is problem in login from favpage.

What problem? Why do you set login for every screen? Set it one screen… If he logged in then proceed

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