Fb sdk update ads not

stilly fb ads not show . any one can please help me

have patience, the update has many things!

Hi @ritwikmondal66
Are you using the Companion?
There’s a high chance the Companion hasn’t been updated yet, so please test on an APK.

i test also apk , but ads not showing.
ya i see companion is not update , that reson i test apk but ads not show

Can you send a few screenshots, please?

Do you know the procedure to show your first FB ad?

please help

Please use the error occurred event and post the error message here.

ya i know procedure

why fb ads show???
i use only fb ads …

What are you trying to say? Use the ERROR block and post the error message.

Looks like you are making an earning app and those are not allowed.

what wrong ,
its f9 i make earning app. but what the problem ??/ this app is not again off fb ads policy . if its again than fb team say that .
i stillty wait for 1august to 17th august i belive that kodular team solve that problem .
btw what you mean earning app . i also try another app that is not earning app show say why ads not show in that app .
you have just excuse

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Watch your language or you will be suspended. Behave yourself.

Earning apps are not allowed by Kodular and could cost you your developer account.


Don’t speak if you don’t know how to speak. Sorry Peter, don’t mind.