[Feature Request] Custom Animations while Switching Screens

From what I have read the animations (or shared animations) are one of the visual guidelines of Material Design.

Would it be very complicated to make items like this for Kodular ?:

Example 1


Example 2


You can do both of them on kodular using animation utilities and bit hard work

The point is that the AnimationUtil is for the active screen.

In this case it is the animation of a specific element towards another screen.
Something like in the gallery of Samsung phones when opening a photo


I have the inconvenience of not being able to use another Arrangement so as not to deoptimize the application

Yes… Use start value to connect one screen with another perfectly…
If you have tried something then please show it to us perhaps we can help you

The trick is: you can use the CloseScreenAnimation and OpenScreenAnimation properties of both screens.

That won’t work for Example2, because the first screen’s content is still visible, just covered by an arrangement.

As I said,

So it is not the trick, as switching screens takes a little more time and bgcolor can not be invisible.

@Robert, the author has clearly stated that he wants to use screens

I know that.
Btw. then why do you mention arrangements if @alexitoo_uy won’t use them?

Yes I did notice it after posting but had to fight with you because you can’t stop so I couldn’t remove it