Feature Request for full clickable property for arrangements

Hi kodular,
I searched the Community for the feature (full Clickable property for Arrangements like card View), but did not get any extension or else…
This is very important feature for my app.
Because I have some Arrangements in which some other components like image, Label, Vertical or Horizontal Arrangements, etc. are present. The parent arrangements is clickable.


  • Now, temporarily I Set all the Components inside to clickable along with the parent arrangements.


  • But the problem is that when we click the respective child components, a ripple is caused which show its Boundaries. Which is odd.

For example- See Image

Please solve the issue.


  • Full clickable property for all Arrangements like card view.
  • OR allow us to remove ripple effect (touch feedback)
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This would be great. It’s extremely annoying and leads to unprofessional looking apps.


I would suggest you to set every content padding to 0

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Ok. I’ll create it.
Btw you want a full clickable layout without ripple effect is it?

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Any one,

  • EITHER arrangements to be full clickable
  • OR something to control the ripple effect like hiding ripples
  • OR On Clicking any component create ripples on some other component.
    Anything would solve my problem.

:pray:And thanks for taking interest.
I will mention you in my work.


Sorry! But I think there is no padding in arrangements. How would it solve the problem can you elaborate @Yashk12

use card view and set padding to zero

Yes, But for the reason, I am using gradient color in Arrangements. So I cannot use Card View.
@Yashk12 Thanks buddy.
But did anyone got something, Any Progress! @nikzdevz

I already have solution but didn’t have time to implement it… :persevere:

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You can try:


Thanks @vknow360 I will soon be on my PC and test if the problem is solved. And mark you as Solution.

I tried but did not achievd success in placing the blocks. Should I set component clickable to False from true. Any other properties settings.

com.nikzdevz.FullCLickLayout.aix (4.4 KB)
Check this Extension.

Show what you tried.
Also check the examples given in the site.

I tried but didn’t got it correct.

I am unable to understand what you didn’t get correct.

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Hi @vknow360 I got the matter, I tested the extension that you gave, and found that it works fine with label, Images etc but not with layout.
For details- reffer to the image.

blocks (4)

Here, the Above Red layout is registered as full Clickable by your Extension.
The click Count increases by +1 upon clicking on image, Labels “Click Count” & “0”.
But on clicking in green area nothing happened.
You can refer to AIA:
Clickable.aia (30.7 KB)

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Good Job and Thank you @nikzdevz this works fine.
Clickable1.aia (30.7 KB)

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Thank you to both @vknow360 and @nikzdevz for great works.
@vknow360 your extension can also be used in my project, since, I did not have any layout inside layout. I use labels and images


Works fine in App Inventor.