[Feature Request] UNScale to Fit for Canvas Images

My suggestion is to add scale picture to fit option in canvas.

Why would it be good?

I am using a full screen canvas with background image. Those images always fill the whole screen so can look like awful sometimes.

Why don’t I use image instead?

I need to draw some shapes so it is impossible with using an image. Image sprite also can not scale the image.

Can you set the canvas background transparent and put the canvas in a horizontal arrangement, and set the background of the arrangement to the picture, and then set the scale?

That is not possible.

This wont work?


And from the HA,


Sorry, I think I asked for the wrong feature. By Scale picture to fit I mean scale the image to reach the maximum size what is possible without modifying the picture ratios. Like this

In your solution, the image covers the whole screen.

canvassolution.apk (5.5 MB)
canvassolution.aia (1.3 MB)

I also want that.
I wanted to show wallpapers in canvas because in canvas I can swipe left or right and change next image.