Features for TextBox Component

  • Highlight text on textbox focus.
  • Limit the length of the text.
  • Input method action Next, Done, Send or Go.

I think thats also possible :thinking:
I can make a little example in a few hours

  1. change the text color on focus
  2. use a clock component and some text blocks

You mean change the backround color of the text?

This would be a great feature. I will look into it.

This will be hard, but also a great option. I will take a look at this too

Why don’t you try something like this:


I’m sure that we don’t need a new block to set a max or min lenght.

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Mika make a very simple method, but if you want to make it a little bit more different look at my example below. You can automatically change the text color for the requested TextBox.

TextBox_Component.aia (3,1 KB)
TextBox_Component.apk (2,0 MB)

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Damn you were too fast for me, as I wrote this before I went to work and I have not been able to answer until now.

I apologize for that and thank you for your suggestions @Mika, @Ka_Fa but I already have a solution for this
however, I’d love to stop manipulating smali files to accomplish certain things.

Thereof proposal for this.

So you want a real time check for the length of the textbox if the user types some letters into it?

I guess so…

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Sorry I forgot to upload the blocks but my example check it real time:

This is a quick edit of my solution and contains no code only manipulation with smali files and theme.

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Now we have it, thanks @Taifun

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