Feedback and suggestions

Hey there!
Makeroid has been a great place to work at and is the best compared to all other app builders.
Makeroid, the awesome app building website, provides us with so many features.

But, as we get more we want more.

As you (@Makeroid) may be familiar with a popular app/software Ready Maker which makes it possible to make games with simple block sort of programming. But there is an issue with it as it requires Unity 3D to export your app.

So it is a kind request if Makeroid can build a game developing platform. There are many developers who want to make games without using those complex JavaScript. With the Makeroid Builder we can make some simple games. Some games, which are bit more sophisticated, needs more time to make.

So as an App Developer working at this amazing place, I kindly request to add the Game Development Platform.

I know the Makeroid Staff will have to put up hard work to create such a platform. But, know that we developers are always with you.

Love you Makeroid,
Debargha Bhadra,
Developer Debargha

Although we have no plans to make game development platform, I can recommend you some game editors which I like personally and doesn’t require programming like Makeroid:

  • Buildbox (Freemium)
  • GDevelop (open source)
  • Gamefroot (Blockly based)

Just tried GDevelop after a long time. Made an apk of an example game and installed it on my phone. Is working perfectly. If you use the free option you can build an apk twice a day.

Thanks for the suggestions. It would have been awesome if Makeroid developed a game development platform.

Anyways, Thanks again.