Feels good to be back here

For the last few months, I disappeared from here.
Life has been going on and I didn’t have time. I even got the first ever Kodular community summary in my life.
School started, and I kept getting busier and busier. I had other projects, which took even the little free time I had.
If you like to lurk, tough, on the only social media platform I use, Telegram, you could see me online. I was chatting with Freedom Zone members (of course), and all the other small or big groups where I get that daily 13 000 messages from.
With that, I also got more into free software, checked out AppInventor again, and was surprised how good it is, and how cool it is that is entirely free-as-in-freedom and open source software, which respects the user’s 4 esseintal freedoms.
Kodular also had server problems, I couldn’t even log in, it loaded for 5 minutes and then gave timeout error.
For now, I am back here. Don’t really expect me on Slack frequently though, Slack is serious closed source non-free spyware which I only visit from a special browser setup.

For now, I am back.
~ Daniel


Welcome back! Nice to see you again here.
BTW, you should change your signature now :point_down:


Oh, well …
Edit: Done!


Welcome Back, & Nice to Meet you, :kodular: :tada: :fireworks: