Fenix Bug solutions

We all know how competent the kodular staff is, and that despite their reduced staff, they always provide the best solutions for problems that eventually arise.

We are also aware of the problems with the update from Eagle to Fenix, and I believe that the bug that perhaps most affects developers is the webview bug, which we know has also been reported to be fixed and awaiting release.

Considering that other problems are still being analyzed/fixed or waiting to be analyzed, and therefore there is no deadline for a solution, what is the possibility of making the corrections already made available, thus minimizing the effects caused by the “system update”

I believe that not just me, but many developers are with work stopped waiting for some of the solutions that have already been fixed, and with problems that could already be solved, even if partially.

It is important to say that at no time there is the intention to interfere with the smooth running of your services, but only to prevent many of us from having issues with our customers.

Thank you for your attention, and I make myself available for whatever is possible.


@Vishwas already posted regarding this in a post


oooooh. Good news. Thanks a lot.

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Sorry for the question.

I may not have followed the subject, but I remember that some time ago there was an audio problem in apps created in AAB, which made me keep generating APKs.

Considering that in August new apps in the play store can only be aab, has this issue been resolved?

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