The youtube player component is gone

Why do I not see the this experimental category?

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Me too. It was working properly then suddenly it moved to experimental category with new added errors :thinking:

I’m having serious problems because I have to update the apps and so it doesn’t work.

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Do you know the most suitable component that we can replace youtube player blocks with it? Is it webviewer or video player?

The YouTube player will be fixed and restored to its previous category in the next update


Is the next update will be very soon? I have to find a solution today not tomorrow.

There will be an update before the target SDK 30 deadline (August 1)


what is that :joy::joy::joy: Are you using kodular in mobile :joy::joy::joy::joy:

pc and laptop is recommended

Big Congratulations to all Kodular Team’s members. And Thanks a lot for the hard work which lead to the Fenix 1.5.0 Editor.

I would like Kodular Team add possibility to expand or collapse blocks just by double clicking on them.

I expected it on this update, but as it is not among the new features, i make this swear and hope it will be implemented on next update.


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That is already possible, it was implemented over a year ago.

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the component of the camera please arrenglen.

when compiling I can’t take a photo: /.

This so called experimental category is not on my screen, why? I have all categories except that one. Is there something I should do to get it?


In creator, click account, preferences and then enable


Thanks :innocent: :grin:
I didn’t know about it

if you add youtube player in Card its work good

Please add Google spreadsheet Component and MySQL component in the next update @Vishwas

Yes Please @Vishwas there is too much need of Google spreadsheet extension, Do some for it.

For Relational Databases:
With web Component + some PHP scripts on the server, it’s correct.

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