I need Best Video Player For New Kodular Update

Any Developer Plz Give ME Best Video Player I am Try All Video Player But Android 10 Not work Plz HELP Me

I am using exo player developed by @Atom_Developer he has’nt posted it on the community but it is working fine after the recent kodular update.

plz give me

Its a paid extension contact @Atom_Developer for the extension

i have No Money And Bangladesh Ban Paypal

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@RIYADH_RIYADH you are not allowed to request a payed extension for free, please do not do it again or actions will be taken

ok but what can i do plz help me dose not work any video player

Wait till next release, bugs will be fixed

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release Date

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i dont need youtube video player ineed m3u8 and mp4 player

yes, its good, but have problem with visualisation on kodular new version, so, will be wait for kodular fixed version on 1 august :roll_eyes: