Fetching row data from ID

Hello everyone,

I am making an application where I need to fetch information from airtable spreadsheet. It’s a school/tuition/hospital app. The ID of the user is to be entered by the one at office to fetch all the details with picture. When I enter the ID/Token, details corresponding to that ID/Token should appear. However, it seems we cannot put the id/token manually. The spreadsheet blocks have only rowNumber. I am not able to manually put the number/ID/Token via a textbox to fetch data.

I am using airtable and cloudinary to fetch details and show it on a list view.

Also, while fetching, the cloudinary link to the picture also appears in the list. How can we efficiently remove certain items from the list?

The blocks are here:

blocks (31)
blocks (32)
blocks (34)

I used number just because rowNumber can be used as input. But I want to use ID column data (combo of letters and numbers) to fetch data.

Also, the list shows the URL for cludinary file. I have to hide it as well.

Kindly help.