Few Questions on Publishing free Aia to Play Store?

I have few questions:
Is a free aia an open source? Can it be published on playstore after some modifications. Can we run ads on it?
I am not talking about redistributing or selling someone’s work.

Yes, all aia file provided by developers tagged as Free aia or open source can be used by anyone with modifications and export its apk file and publish it on Playstore without any problem.
But it can be great if credit the original developers for his/her work.


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Basically I was just going through the community and saw this post Why do people edit and copyright others AIA file? and I got really confused. Because a lot of developers share aia’s by themselves for other people to modify,change or publish especially on youtube.
But now I think the community post is about redistributing someone’s work without credit or reselling it. Am I right?

Yes, you are right. Any developer publish there hard work aia file for free or open source just because if anyone has new idea which can improve the app more are welcomed. It’s everyone’s duty or responsibility if we use others works so we will credit for his/her hard work. This will encourage the original developer and developer feels happy.

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