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Technician Forms

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Hey Guys, I thought I’d share the app I created (I can’t give you a download link, it’s corporate and managed). I work for a small lawn service company (fertilization, weed control, aeration and seeding… those sorts of things) and we were looking for a way for the field technicians to submit information from the field to the office as well as give them a few extra tools.

I originally used Appy Builder and google forms to do a very quick app that used web viewers to open different google forms pages depending on what the technician needed. Google forms is wonky and didn’t give me the flexibility I ended up needing for these forms (especially when dealing with truck maintenance). So, when the merger with Kodular was announced I moved right over and started my complete redesign. I’m using Phase for transitions and Yusufcihan’s Dynamic Component to dynamically create the forms in the app from lists as well as the telephony app from Taifun to get the tablet IMEI number, so I know which specific company-owned tablet submits information.

On the back end, I’m using Firebase to store employee and vehicle information and Integromat to handle the form submissions. Each form is submitted through a Webhook to Integromat and then processed on the back end into google sheets and emails if needed.

I have included some screenshots. It may not be the prettiest UI, but it’s functional and I’m pleased with the results. I have also edited out the company information.


Thank you for creating the toolkit that has helped me serve my customers better!