File Copy Component Not Working

(ARGadekar) #1

Describe your issue - File Component - Copy Block Is Not Working.

here is the image of block -

Steps to reproduce the issue - use this blocks

not%20copying%20file2 not%20copying%20file

Expected Behaviour - want to copy file from input location to output location

Actual Behaviour - nothing. not working

Show your Blocks -

not%20copying%20file2 not%20copying%20file

Android version 6.0.1

i have solved my problem by using TaifunFile Extension.

(Nathan) #2

Im pretty sure your input should be more like /icon.png and not //icon.png.

(Pavitra Golchha) #3

This is fixed in the next release


thank you for using the file extension

(Marggx) #5

@pavi2410 got this bug fixed ? i still got the same problem

(Pavitra Golchha) #6

It was fixed. What problem did you face?

(Marggx) #7

i try to capy a image like that
the direcrory BeeFusion will get created right
but then there is no image in it
flag_de.png is the file name

(Marggx) #8

Does anyone have a clue to fix that ?

(Marggx) #9

Can you look into this really need this

(Robert Crum) #10

Try to specify the full filename (starts with “file://”), it will works.
At Taifun wrote:
Copy file.
Use this method to copy small files, for large files use the CopyAsync method instead. Prefix the filename with / (i.e. relative path) to copy a file on the SD card. For instance /myFile.txt will copy the file /mnt/sdcard/myFile.txt