File explorer error with extended webview

Greetings. Installed this plugin, configured file downloading - it worked. But suddenly the selection of files broke, and without this plugin it previously worked. What is the problem?IMG_20191209_200334_600

One more strange moment. I have disabled the navigation bar, and when I try to click on the file selection on the site, the panel appears. Lol

try setting file name?

I can try of course. But the files are saved with the name that they have on the site. The problem is that the file explorer does not work after configuring file downloads. I have an application created for my social network, and in the end I can not upload anything.

but you use download component of kodular, why using extension?

I did not find any normal documentation on how to use the standard download plugin for downloading in webview. And in some topics where people wrote about a similar problem, users recommended Extended WebView extension.