File location, ftp download/upload

Hi all, i need help with file. In appybuilder i have no problems with ftp downloading file to local storage. I have set target only : /report.csv . Here in kodular i am unable to download or upload file to/from ftp server. what is root directory location. how to write path to local file in root storage on android phone? I have try file:///report.csv , //report.csv… but not working.


On appybuilder no problems with this.:

Try with this for both upload and download /public_html/file.txt or /public_html/folder/file.txt

Maybe @Hossein can look into our component to make it equal to appybuilder code

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You all staff member can start by replying here

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that’s a strange tag name, isn’t it?
and what is its value?
what about showing us a Do it result of that tag?
and why is the ValueIfTagNotThere socket an empty string? this obviously will not work if the value of that tag is empty…



Will check into it @Boban

Taifun is correct. How are you using the tiny db?

I believe we need to update the code to catch situations where connection doesn’t go through using FTP.Connect block.
Opened issue: Need to check the FTP code · Issue #10 · Kodular/Kodular-Creator-Issue-Tracker · GitHub

Ok, and i have problems with uploading file on ftp server too. on appybuilder works it with these blocks without any problems.

And file downloading on appybuilder:

Hi, thank you for reply. I use this on Appybuilder with no problems.