File path problem

Im using the player component and an audio picker to play a local audio file but every audio file I selected doesn’t play and I get this error

It seems to be a path problem but the path of file is correct :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

what happens, if you try one of the following paths?




@Taifun still didnt work (ERROR 2101)

is there any reason to react with a :-1:? you like to get help or not?
and what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?

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@Taifun Oops wrong reaction clicked accidentally
Anyways so here are the blocks

And what is “selection”?

Don’t just say it’s one of the audio files, show us the blocks associated with it.

Oh that might be the case. Im already running android 11

@deanart2012 The selection variable comes along with the after pick event, and its a variable you can’t modify

But you can print it on a label.

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No need to put [DISCUSS] etc in your title. You only have to post in the right category. I removed it in your topics. Please don’t do that.

Is there any alternative
i am also getting same error when creating file

what should we do for android 11

Whenever I select a audio file from audio picker and set it as player source, The file doesnt play and I get an error saying file not found.

Show your blocks.

Really? Isn’t it Error 701: Unable to load ...
Show this error message as well.

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Error 2101: The file /Download/Song.mp3 could not be found

So you get the same error as in this post ?

Oops forgot I asked this before.

Try this: