File types that are acceptable as assets?

Please I’d like to know the file types that are acceptable as assets

I currently can’t think of any file type, which would not be acceptable
did you have any issues with a specific file type?


Whatever you upload in assets is acceptable… Just don’t keep the file too large

Don’t type in all caps its against Community rules.
Chang to small first


Thanks for the info, I’ll keep that in mind

Thanks, noted though the .gif and .piskel file types I mentioned earlier are both less than 100KB

Thanks Taifun, I tried uploading a .gif file and a .piskel file

when and where have you mentioned?

try launching them in the appropriate software , if they are working then show what you have done, if not working that means there is a problem with your files

Okay, let me try that

I tried it and realized the error was from the files. Thanks

So please mark my post as solution

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