Files downloading in companion but not in exported app

I‘ve made an app that when you click on a card view, it downloads a link form google drive.

When I test it on the companion everything works fine, but when I download it on my phone, it doesn‘t do anything.

And yes, I‘ve used the write external storage permission.

I think it may be because now, for some reason, google play services warn me before installing the app. Something like this:

It did not used to do that before. Could someone tell me why? And it also used to download the files before.

May be this is your issue kodular download component is facing some issues…

They fixed this issue but not release the update


Yeah, i think that’s the issue I’m having right now. Especially with the Write external storage denying itself.

But what about Google play protect warning me before downloading? Is it a bug? Because I’ve never seen that warning pop up on any of my apps.

No, it is not a bug. Android is made by Google, and Android has a detection feature that detects when a brand new app that isn’t uploaded to Google Play yet exists. As long as your app is really not a virus (I’m just saying if you make a virus you are a terrible person) just send it to scanning, this way Google won’t do the same check on all of the phones where the app is being installed on. Those scans are made so Google Play can see your app coming from a mile away and if it’s a virus they will just get rid of it and also send it to research to make protection features against your app for all the phones running Android and Play Protect. So yea, there isn’t much to worry about, just make sure you have no malicious content inside of it. Good luck!

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Thanks for this info. That has been bothering me since when I saw that warning.

So, i guess that is not going to affect my app when uploading it to the play store, right? Since my app has no malicious content to download.

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No, they will recheck the .aab file you provide them again for compatibility with all of the systems you have agreed to publish for when you upload a new version on the console. I’m talking about malicious content a lot since you could mistakenly download a bad extension and not realize it. Getting banned from the Google Play Console isn’t a good start. In that case, 25$ would be the least of your concerns.


EDIT: Just mentioning one thing, never trust Play Protect, it sucks so bad and it can be easily tricked, if you think an app you’re downloading might contain a virus just get an antivirus or change your mind. It’s very easy to have databases that send data afterward and infect your phone. Also, the testing that is done on your app when it’s getting examined is just some random phones controlled by bots and they are tapping every single component on your app. You will receive videos of the testing and a fun fact: at one of my apps a bot just went on an ad by mistake and browsed an entire website that had those cringe online games.

"mistakenly download a bad extension and not realize it"

Do you mean donwloading an extension in here? (if so, I have no extensions in my app, just default components):

Or on the google drive download link?
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"they will recheck the .aab file you provide them"

But what if I provide them the .apk file? Is it the same proccess?

And btw: For some reason the quote option is not appearing for me, that’s why I’m writing your text and adding quotes mannually.

Importing a bad extension*. Kodular gives you the option to import APIs and other cool features provided by other companies for your app through those extensions.

Google Play does not accept .apk anymore. Yes, it would’ve been the same process, only Amazon Appstore and some others accept .apk. Google only accepts .aab.

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I haven’t imported any API’s so I guess it may be because now that I remember, a while back i added a Google ad account link on the kodular app settings.

And from what I understand, the download component not downloading is a bug, right? Because I don’t find any other reason for my app to not download the files.

I didn’t use the download component yet, but it might be because it cannot connect to Kodular servers so yes, it is a bug.

EDIT: Try uploading the app to your preferred marketplace and see if it works when you download it from there, it might be something related to publishing idk, but it’s worth trying if you upload it anyways.

But the download component is pretty much what the whole app is about. So I don’t think that the play store will allow an app that does almost nothing.

The app is a widget downloader app. You click on the card view and then it downloads to your phone (then you use it with another app).

Hello kodular download component is not working now…

Please wait for next update

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Ok, thanks for letting me know.

kodular fixed the download component issue try now…

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Ok, it now works. Thanks for telling me this.

One thing it’s still not fixed its the warning I get, but I think is because of the Google Ads ID thing.

What warning you are getting??

This type of warning.

Read here why you get that warning and what you can do