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Hello Everyone
i want to know if there is an possibility to create an when the app is created folder then pick an video from the kodular assets, and drop this video in the folder, then use this image on the app?
my porpuse its to make the app 100% offline.

Possible but not on android 11 and above as you can only use the shared folders

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If its possible how can i do it? please.

It is unclear. What exactly is the purpose?
Read this first and be precise with your question:

Like, my porpuse is.
when the app intall, create an folder that will storage all the app components, such as, audio, video or image. The app should use the files exactly from the folder.

i’ve done this but doen’t work:

I Hope you undertand the purpose
(Android Version: 10)

Since targetSdkVersion = 30 you can no longer create an arbitrary folder in the external storage (at least not on devices with Android > 10). Create a sub-folder in one of the Shared folders (like /Download or /Documents or /Pictures …).

See also here:

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I’ve done what you said but continues not working

I’m I doing something wrong?

Use the latest version → TaifunFile (14a, 2021-12-17)


@bodymindpower thank you soo much, i’ve changed some things and has worked
There’s what i’ve done:

i don’t know why, but create an arbitrary folder in external storage worked…

This is no longer possible on devices with Android > 10, but only on devices with Android < 10 and on Android 10 if Legacy Mode is enabled for the File component (in the Designer).

Since WRITE permission is no longer available under Android 11+, but READ permission is incorrectly required with the Image component, try this:
EDIT, correction:

To avoid storage permissions on Android 11+ you must use an extension instead of the Image component (e.g. Picasso from @vknow360 ).


Alright i’ll do this, thanks <3

I corrected my blocks (see above).

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