Filter and display an array of objects

I would like to be able to store data in an array of objects, something like this:
[{ title: "a", description: "b", footer: "c", foo: true, category: "d", number: 1}, [{ title: "a", description: "b", footer: "c", foo: false, category: "d", number: 2}, [{ title: "a", description: "b", footer: "c", foo: true, category: "e", number: 3}],
then have the user to be able to filter it:

  • to only have the items where foo is true, or
  • to only have items where the category is d, or
  • so the titles are in alphabetical order, or
  • so numbers are in ascending/descending order

Then with the new array, create a scroll-able list of [cards or something similar] that has the title, description and footer as labels (with formatting, font, font size, font colour etc) like.
Anyone know how I’d be able to do this?

What have you searched and what have you tried yourself?

I spent about an hour searching the forum and google for things like “array object”, “create list from array of objects” things like that but couldn’t find anything, the closest I got was finding an extension named “JSONTools” but it doesn’t seem to help with sorting and filtering.

Have you tried to make that using lists? You can use lists of lists to do that. You only need to know which item is what (1=title, 2=description, etc).

No, but I still not know how to filter/sort and display.

You are not trying anything. Filtering is basically iterating a list and asking if the data in the list is equal to the data searched.
Do you know how to work with lists? If not learn that first.