Filter data from a Tag and its subtags in the firebase database

I have a medical consultation app.
I saved the data as follows:
User List
Customer Code
CPF number
Doctor’s appointments

      Value Store
            Consultation date
            Doctor's name
            Name of the Clinic or Hospital
            Type of Service
            Doctor's Prescription or Recipe

In the filter part he would enter his CPF and in the list (combobox) he would select the specialty. In the list view, only the Consultation Date, Doctor’s Name and Type of Service would appear.
By clicking on the Value Store data list.

Consultas_Medicas.aia (10.8 KB)

I did one of these in another project using the Web component. But there I saved it in another way.

Can anyone help me?

Guys, I changed the way you search for your CPF. When I type it brings up all the information. The problem is when I select a specialty - After Selecting.

Consultas_Medicas(1).aia (15.9 KB)

When I click on an item in the list view, this message appears:

Consultas_Medic_1.aia (11.3 KB)

Oops GSR, thanks but I did it with another approach. I created filters for Appointment Date, Medical Specialty, Healthcare Professional Name and Type of Service (example: scheduled appointment) and it worked perfectly. Then I will make the aia available here.

I tried Collin tree list view the problem is when I click on the list item. To display all data on screen 2. It only loads the main list.
My main filling looked like this so that it is shown on screen 1:

Getting the values ​​on screen 2

I wanted all the fields on screen 2: date, doctor, clinic, specialty, care, symptoms, exams, hospitalization, diagnosis and prescription. In this case, do I have to create another list? And how to put it in ElementClick?

I’ll leave the project’s assistant and you can test it with this number here, which is fictitious: 74185296323

Consultas_Medicas_Collin.aia (92.3 KB)

Consultas_Medicas_Colli.aia (94.9 KB)

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GSR, good morning!
Thank you very much for the clarification. Comparing the list view image text with collinTree, I prefer the list view which is less complicated and easier to use, but thanks for the help.

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Attachments are documents in word, pdf, photos and images. For them to be shown on the second screen, what component do I use?

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