Filter database on application

Hello everyone, Did any one have an video for how to make filter ( filter by month & year ) by date picker for database ( for example Google sheet) on application by kodular ? Something like below
I need easy way with nocode method

show us your strucutre of gsheet


Below is the example of Google sheet and i show as webpage and chart in the application , but i need to control the data if i need to filter on specific month or model name

Could anyone support me on above issue ?

Protect the rows except the header that you alone can edit…
Set permission as editor, again publishe as wep app then try. So user can change data of the header (filer by any condition)

could you please show me example by photo till get filter ? as i did but no filter appear

Hello Sirs , Could you please support me on above issue?

you have used direct url… after making the steps i said above creae web url and use that url

Thank you , Could you please show me steps by photo ?

do like this and use the url in web viewer

Thanks for your reply, But Is there any other way without this long coding statements or blocks in kodular programe ?

Above photo is an example for data base in the table and i can filter for specific month , so i need to make like this way by easy method.