Finally, published my 1st app made by Makeroid

Thanks Makeroid

Would you test it and tell me your feedback, please?
Shont.apk (3.6 MB)

Shont offers you eleven languages: American and British English, Simplified and Traditional Mandarin, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean and German.

This game is designed to test how fast you are in typing words; each word will appear once for either (2, 2.5 or 3.5 seconds) and you can select the level depending on your preference. There is no time limit to complete the game, just press done to finish the game and save you score.

You can share your “Total Score” or “Highest Score” in social media using our specified hashtags to challenge the Shonters.


can u share the aia file

Great app! except for one thing… the keyboard blocks the label with the text. Otherwise great!

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Unfortunately no i cant, sorry

thanks for your great comment

i will fix it soon , i appreciate it