Find out the names of cities using the name of the country

I searched the Internet, but I didn’t find or know how to do it.
I want an api when I enter the name of the country.
He’s going to give me a list of cities.
(cairo,alexandria, portsaid)
Is there anyone who can help me?

Here is one!

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That’s really what I want, but on demand, it doesn’t carry anything, and then cleans the 504 gateway out time

This is a demo. It returns values in JSON format, so can be used very easily. Also, you can find the documentation on the same page I shared.

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Screenshot_20210709213810 Is this request wrong?

That’s the message that shows.

Try this

Remove the double quotes before api-token


do it as said by taifun. also read the site once again. First you need to generate api key then need to generate access token after then only you can go for selected countries list …

i have tried like this and got result… you can simplify the blocks

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Thank you for your help.
But every time I get this message,
{“error”:{“name”:“JsonWebTokenError”,“message”:“jwt must be provided”}}

You should leave one space after Bearer in when web2 got text

Have you used correct api token linked with the user email?

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Yes i do

I don’t know where the mistake is.

Make your screen scrollable. Actually you are getting the data. Since your authr token completely occupies screen you are unable to see the data. Or remove the label1 text and try with only label2 text

I set labe1lto get resopnse from web1 and the above label 2 i set to get resopnse from web2
So I hope you understand what I mean.
So please send me your aia
And I’m going to complete the data to make sure everything’s okay.

try this, still it is working (PS. i have used disposable email address and not personal email)

CountryNameAPI.aia (3.6 KB)


Thank you, my friend, for your patience with me.
In real. This community has a lot of great people on it.

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