Find out the percentage of fill of a canvas

Hi all,

Do any of you have any idea how to get the percentage fill of a canvas after drawing inside?

I would like to have a canvas of 50px x 50px for example, empty it will be at 0%, and the more I draw lines inside, the more the% will increase.

Thanks for your help !

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Hopefully there are much more effective methods from other people but:
You could start from pixel 1 to the last pixel and check the pixel color. If it is white it is empty, if not then it is filled.

Yes I thought about it, but I can’t find the block that would allow me to determine if this or that pixel is filled.

And it may even be long, because if my canvas is 50x50 px …

But I keep the idea under the elbow, thank you!

Hi all !

I take the liberty of re-launching my question: how could I determine the percentage of fill of a canvas? And at the same time, display this percentage.

Thank you !

something like this (please excuse App Inventor blocks :wink: ):


I will try this, thanks!

Hi !

I do not understand where to place the local variable initialization block …

I tried to edit and used another block as you can see in the picture:

And suddenly, it works, but it makes the Companion lag and then error and the companion closes.

  1. If you had copied the blocks as I posted, using the connector local variable, you could simply connect them to your Etiquette1.Texte block at the bottom.
  2. Seems you are using a larger canvas now, @ 250x250 ? That is 62,500 pixels to count (as opposed to 2500 pixels with a 50x50 canvas), it takes time to do that…
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Ah yes, I increased the size of the canvas, I found it small … So that must be why it is lagging, indeed! I will study it all, thank you again Tim !

If you make this happen when canvas dragged, it will lag a lot. Because a single drag runs the procedure many times.

If I understand correctly, I would then have to make a button, or when the dragging on the canvas is finished, and then trigger the procedure?

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Yes, that would be better.

So, for the idea of ​​the button, that’s perfect. I have a small amount of time but I imagine it’s normal the time it calculates the entire canvas area.

However, what I don’t understand is why I have 1% when the canvas is empty?
The text, I put it to 0.
I launch the app, click on the button, it calculates and it gives 1%.

I tried to change the number in the block (circled in the capture), putting 0, even if I filled the canvas it remains at 0%. I tried to put 5, and I got 3%.

How come ?

Do not know…
Testing canvases at 50x50 and 250x250 I get 0 (on AppInventor)

Try a Canvas.Clear, does that help ?
Or round the canvas width and height?

So, I tried with a 50x50 px, and I had 2% …

I tried to change the = sign for the color, instead of looking for a color other than white, I ask for a color equal to black, and it seems to work.

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