Finding the way to secure my app from hacker

Hello seniors
Is there any way to secure api key and url from hackers

Use obstructed text block for web url.


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while storing value store in encoded text

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and when you want the text decode it

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Keeping Your API Key Secure Is Most Important In Appinventor Here Is Some Way To Make It Secure

    • Remove Some Unique Latter With Speacial Charactor And Replace It With Your Choosen Charactor When You Want To Use

      For Example If Your APi Key Is 37Ys64dg90kxpw748udhf So You Have To
      Store In Database Like 37*#64dg90&xpw748udhf And when You Want To
      Use It You Know What The Mean Of * That Is Y and means of # is s and means of & is k
      Use it With Your Own Rule And When You Got Data From Database You Have To Replace Speacial Charactor With Your Charactor That You Have Removed

    • Decode Your Key Using Any Decode Method And Encode It When You Want To Use
    • Mixe Your Key With Another Key And Arrange it When You Want To Use For Example If Your Key Is hello763yes94hyrte736 You Can Reverse It First So It Will Be 637etryh49sey367olleh The You Can Break It After Some landth and add some extra latter ex… your reversed key is 637etryh49sey367olleh you can add 9 after third charactor and G after fifth charactor and M after 8th charactor So it Will Be 6379eGtryMh49sey367olleh When You Want To Use It Just Remove Extra Charactor and reverse it back
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@Jeet_Jyala may be this can help

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Thank you for your suggestions . I tried cryptography method in which I get the error (Shown in the image) and then I put the value without cryptography then also the error was same (shown in the image)… I double check my url and find the URL was correct. But why app showing this error. I think I am near to my solution but this time again error comes.

@jeet_jyala first create a code and the save that code then just use the decode block

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Firebase’s location in not us-cenrtal. Since you can not change location once project is created, create a new project in firebase, set location to us-central and you will have no errors

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Means I have to encrypt with different project and set it to a textbox then copy from the textbox and when i get the encrypted value then I need to paste in front of decryption block on this project??

But why the real values are not working… I fill the correct URL and API KEY

try refreshing the page and again setting the firebase URL

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Already location is us central

I still try to refresh and set up again. But same result

Same problem

@Jeet_Jyala check if the screen which is shown by you is missing the URL?

Its the screen1 same as I mention in blocks Image

look this
Screenshot (68) (1)
Instead of this blocks
just fill the properties

Like this and give a try

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Ok iwill try this