Fingerprint readind and storing


I would like to know if it is possible by some way to read a fingerprint and store it to recognize him later without passing through the System fingerprint storage system, as I need the fingerprints for authentification of other users as the owner of the phone and passing through the system don’t let me recognise who made his finger on the sensor and can let the users that are not owner of the phone possibly unlock it.
I hope I was clear as my englisch is not very good.
Thank You.

Use tiny db

Do when fingerprint scanner scanned…
Set tinydb value to 1
And when screen1 opened check…
Whether value is 1 or not if 1 give direct access without finger print scanning called

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Please confirm

You will have multiple fingerprint scans on the same device by different users.
But you don’t want people who do not own the device to have to have their fingerprints go through and authenticate against the owner of the device. LIke a Signature type?

Sign this document with your fingerprint?


First we have to understand that the Fingerprint only performs the fingerprint verification already registered in the Smartphone (the same used in the lock screen)
You will have to register the users on your device and not on the Application, it would be possible to check only if it has already been checked before, and open the next screen automatically. ( That’s what i understood)
Hope this helps.

AIA: Fingerprint.aia


Yes, that’s exactly What I want.

I already know how it works I want to know if there is another way to use fingerprints. But thank you for your answer!