Firebase alternative system?

Is there a simple firebase like system where I can save and retrieve data? Download price of realtime database on Firebase is 1gb=1$ and it is very expensive. I need unlimited data downloads because I’m downloading a lot. But storage 1gb is enough. How can I set up a system?

why dont you try google sheet (10k row) or base row?

Although I do all kinds of things, I have 1kb stored data, but I have 5mb downloads per day, which causes me to reach the 10gb limit very quickly.

Whichever way you do it, money will come into it at some point

Host your own server, setup Redis.

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Isn’t there a system like firebase with no download limit?

already Tim answered. External servers never be free.

I think you have to use baserow extension made by @Sumit1334 Because it gives unlimited rows and column

Even with a self hosted version, you will still need a server, and the owner of that server will want their pound of flesh. Even if you hosted it on your “home” computer, your ISP would soon be after you…

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So that means we have to use our own server and in that, we have to store data in the form of MYSQL

What is the best hosting site to build my own server? and how can i create my server

There will be a quota or a limit somewhere…

You need to make some decisions first:

Your monthly budget
Server type Linux (good idea) / Windows (bad idea)
Size/Speed/Capacity/Connections of server
Build your own, ready made
and so on…

Yaa, so more suitable we can use google sheets as told by @Still-learning because I have seen that it will give more data to store for free

Check quotas for free and paid accounts with Google

But I have not seen paid version of google sheets in the given docs

paid version of google apps detail ( as a who;e only we can use, not targets the specific)


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A for example:

I have just setup a redis server (installable from the ubuntu server repositories) with a webdis front end, which allows for http requests (GET/POST/PUT) from your app using the web component. Easy, quick, and provides the full range of redis commands, unlike cloudDB. Security is possible, including SSL, if you work with redis 6.0+.

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