Firebase and Storage together

I noticed that if I use the delete blocks in these 2 items, Storage erases the image and then the application closes. Is this a failure of Kodular, Firebase or am I doing something wrong?


I do not know if I understood your purpose, but shouldn’t be that block “Join”, the pink one, a “make list” block? Anyway, give us more pictures, like Firebase ones…

Didn’t get you! Share your problems in detail.

Forget Join, just put a label together and put it in a text box. This case would be how I put the name of the direct tag. For example the tag in this case would be Banner1.
Banner esat is set the name in a Label and the Text Box can be 1, 2, 3, then Label + Text Box = Join.
The question x here is that these two commands in blue error and close the application